Recap – Exit – 2023 Daniel Fast Insights

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Look what the Lord has done! This past Sunday marked the end of our 21-Day Daniel Fast, where we pressed in the spirit and the natural to go deeper in God. God rewarded our sacrifices and devotion with an outpouring of His Spirit. We heard testimonials of how God fixed hearts and minds, how He brought healing to a marriage, and how He restored joy after a prolonged depression. Our God is so awesome! We learned from our witnesses that God often helps us when we choose to focus on others instead of our trials. Our leaders told us that as we pray for others we will be healed.

No doubt many of us experienced similar breakthroughs and insights on our fast, but Pastor Denny told us that God wants to do even more. He said that God will reveal more when we thank Him for what He’s already doing. Pastor Chan also shared revelations. She encouraged us to hold on to what God has done on the inside of us – the healing, the prayer life, the blessing, the deeper relationship with God, the promises. She told us to forget the former things (Isaiah 43:18) but to take the exit God provides when the temptation to go back comes. We are to pray, be sober, and remain vigilant. She encouraged us that God is doing something new, and it’s already here. May God seal what He’s done in us, and may His presence surround us so we can change our atmospheres for His glory.


Pastor Denny requested that we do the following:

  • For the next 7 days, pray for the Body of Christ that it will shift to where it needs to be.
  • For the next 7 days, pray about what God wants you to abstain from. Then, from January 30th – February 28th, abstain in this area.