I’m Trading It In #Exit

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Our God is an amazing God for so many reasons we can’t tell them all. However, one of the reasons He’s truly wonderful is because He speaks. God didn’t just write Scripture, but He speaks in the present time through a Rhema word. This past Sunday, the word of God was “upgrade.” God wants us to upgrade in the natural and spiritual. He wants us to #exit the old mindsets, hurts, and disappointments so we can enter the new. He wants us to declare that “I’m Trading It In,” knowing the Spirit has come to trade our bondage and heaviness for the joy of the Lord (Isaiah 61:1-3 NLT, KJV).

While saying that we will trade it in is a start, there’s more that must be done. Will we change our environment if we exchange our places of pain and hurt, or will our environment change us? Pastor Denny reminded us that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and give us victory. Trade your problems to get what God has for you.

Don’t stay captive because you’re embarrassed. Don’t stay a prisoner because you went to jail. With prayer and praise, we can break all prison doors. God wants to exchange our heaviness and give us some praise. God wants to trade our grief for happiness and our disappointment for expectation and an appointment. He wants to trade our sickness for wellness and our anxiety for peace. He wants to exchange hurt for healing, fear for confidence, unforgiveness for forgiveness, accusation for honesty, and lies for truth. He wants to trade sin for freedom. Can you stand the upgrade?

Steps to Come Out of Heaviness

  • Listen to praise and worship music.
  • Create a gratitude list.
  • Open your mouth and tell God, “Thank You.”


God promises that if His people will shift their way of thinking, then He will shift their way of life.