My Gift, His Will


Sunday, DOT and the praise team helped us exalt the name of Jesus by thanking Him for being good, extolling Him for being better than riches, and praising Him for being our joy. We also wished our beloved Pastor Chan a happy birthday.

Pastor Denny continued the #Gifted series with a sermon entitled “My Gift, His Will.” In this empowering teaching message, he reminded us that God wants to use our gifts freely. The foundational text was Romans 12:1-8, with emphasis on verses 2 and 4, focusing on motivational gifts. Pastor Denny reminded us that motivational gifts are specific ways God motivates us every day. He taught that these gifts are the “why” of our service and look like personality traits. He shared that we often desire situational gifts because of their “wow” factor and ability to make us appear special, but we really need to fall in love with motivational gifts since these can be used every day. He encouraged us to use what God has given us instead of coveting others’ gifts, and watch God bless us and His kingdom.

From our foundational text, we learned that there are seven motivational gifts: prophecy, administration, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading, and mercy.  Those with the gift of prophecy speak for God through the written and/or spoken word. Pastor Denny said that prophets have answers, and for that reason, we need prophets in our ears. Administration gifts are also necessary; these gifts serve and organize others. Teaching gifts are important as well. Teachers impact instruction to explain and instill doctrine. Our pastor shared that the teaching gift can oftentimes be considered as preaching. Those who exhort summon to entreat, comfort, instruct, admonish, console, and encourage or strengthen. Givers share their resources and money with an openness of the heart marked by generosity. Givers can routinely stretch themselves to share with others because they believe God will take care of them. Moreover, those with leadership gifts have charge over, protect, give aid, manage and rule. Finally, those with the gift to show mercy help the afflicted, those enduring hardship, or those seeking aid.

Pastor Denny rounded the sermon off with an illustration of how God gives each of us motivational gifts and how they are employed by the body of Christ to minister to those in need. We learned that we’re affecting others’ lives when we’re not operating in our gifts. Regardless of our insecurities or reluctance, we must submit to God’s will for our gifts if we are to be effective for His kingdom. Have you identified your gifts? How does God want to use you?