I’m Glad About It – The Joy of Giving


Sermon Series: #ThankYou 

Speaker: Denny Blake, Senior Pastor 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Something special happens when the Disciples of Jesus come together and worship. God meets us here. Last Sunday, we were led in worship by our DOT Youth Choir, and what a blessing they were! They sang songs that helped us to re-dedicate our lives, our time, and our hearts back to God. Their cover of “We Exalt Thee” helped us put God back in His rightful place, and their rendition of Isn’t He Beautiful stirred us to ponder Christ’s character and imagine seeing Him. Have you ever considered how much compassion rests in one fiery eye or how much peace is found in a thunderous voice? Another song proclaimed that we have overflowing joy in Christ and reminded us to count our blessings.

The truth is that God has given us so much grace. When we think of His wonder and the benefits we have through our relationship with Jesus, praise, worship, and thanksgiving are the natural response. God has kept us alive, blessed us with families, protected us from storms, provided health to our bodies, righted our wrongs, and so much more. Pastor Denny began the Thank You series opener by telling us that somebody ought to “tell the Lord thank Ya,” and we could never run out of reasons. However, last Sunday, he told us we should do more than that. Referencing Psalm 122:1-4, he admonished us that we should thank God and enter the Lord’s house with gladness in our hearts. Glad that we GET to come to His house. Glad that we GET to come together and sing praises to our King. Glad that we GET to log on to watch worship online. Our joy should lead to thanksgiving and praise, and our praise and thanksgiving lead to a breakthrough. Nevertheless, we worship God not just when He changes our circumstances but because it’s who we are. Disciples are praisers. We praise and thank God not out of religious duty as if under the law but out of adoration and relationship because we’re under grace.

Pastor Denny told us that when praise and gratitude become a part of us, this will do more than impact how we shout and dance; it will transform how we serve and give. We will have a “my pleasure” attitude. We will serve enthusiastically and give with joy. He referenced 2 Corinthians 9:1-8, emphasizing that God loves a cheerful giver and doesn’t want us to give begrudgingly or out of necessity. Pastor Denny also reminded us of the pledges we willingly made to the NOW campaign and our commitments to tithes and offerings. He told us that Ecclesiastes 5:5 tells us it’s better not to make a vow than to make one and break it. Additionally, our pastor mentioned the great work DOJM is doing together in the city. Our church supports those in need year-round through utilities and rent assistance, housing assistance, food distribution, gas, transportation support, holiday benevolence, scholarships, and more. DOJM’s ability to continue to serve our community at this level depends on our generous giving as God leads. Let us be thankful that He has blessed us to be a blessing to others. Let us gladly worship Him by investing abundantly in God’s kingdom. Not only will we find our sacrifices are worth it, but we will also reap a bountiful harvest and discover more of the Master’s joy.